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The 2017 ISHOF Induction ceremony and weekend festivities were held August 24-27, 2017, and it was our first year back in Fort Lauderdale after being in Santa Clara for the last two years.  It was a great weekend with a spectacular group of honorees, even the tropical rains couldn't dampen anyone's spirits!  Many honorees and their families came from all over the world to celebrate the induction.  We had a delegation of over 30 people from China to celebrate the inductions of Zhang and Wu.  

ISHOF Induction

The ISHOF induction was held on Saturday evening, August 26, at the Fort Lauderdale Marriott Harbor Harbor Beach Resort and Spa this year.  We had a fabulous turnout and it was a lovely affair. 

The Class of 2017 included (pictured LtR): Sono Hirose (accepting for her father Halo Hirose, Honor Swimmer), Dick Jochums (Honor Coach), Richard Korhammer (President ISHOF Board), Leisel Jones (Honor Swimmer), Andras Bodnar (Honor Water Polo Player), Anastasia Davydova (Honor Synchronized Swimmer), Faye Poenisch (accepting for her late husband Walter Poenisch, Honor Pioneer Swimmer), Alain Bernard (Honor Swimmer, also accepting for Honor Pioneer Swimmer Georges Vallerey), Zhang Xiuwei (Honor Pioneer Diver), Peng Bo (2014 Honor Diver), Heinz Kluetmeier (Honor Contributor), Huang Hongjiu (accepting for Honor Pioneer Swimmer Wu Chuanyu) &

Laurie Lawrence (Gold Medallion - ISHOFs highest honor).


Walter Poenisch's Swimming Hall of Fame Induction




Walter Poenisch's Swimming Hall of Fame Induction


Faye Poenisch presented Bruce Wigo of the International Swimming Hall of Fame with the poster and a cigar that Fidel Castro left behind after visiting her husband Walter Poenisch's escort boat that would guide him from Cuba to Florida.

At the age of 65, his 1978 swim was an example of Speedo diplomacy with the aim of world peace.

Poenisch (1913 - 2000) was inducted in the International Swimming Hall of Fame with the class of 2017.

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World's Strongest Endurance Swimmer, Walter Poenisch


While Walter Poenisch was recently inducted* in the International Swimming Hall of Fame for his marathon swimming achievements including his 90.75-mile (146 km) swim in 1972 (Swim of the Century), his 122.5-mile (197.1 km) swim in 1976 (Bicentennial Swim), and the 128.8-mile (207.2 km) swim across the Straits of Florida from Cuba to Florida in 1978 (Swim for Peace), he was also known for additional feats.




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