I revived this website on 20 November 2016 because Diana Nyad did Walter Poenisch a great injustice, and I'd had enough of Nyad's lies.

That was also around the time that marathonswimmers.org suspended my membership. I think they did it because, in their opinion, I was too fierce in my attacks on the wicked witch DN.
Or it could have been for a very different reason, but they never told me why despite my asking.

Unfortunately, someone hijacked the swim4peace.com domain before Faye thought to renew the ownership.

So, with help from Faye and archive.org, I recreated the site as the subdomain

But when the original name swim4peace.com came up for sale again this year, I worked to get it back online.
(I sold the domain openwaterswimming.eu in 2019 after migrating swim4peace from a sub-site back to its own domain)

Home , Press , Gallery and Timeline are the original pages. The rest got added later.

Now, on 29 August 2019, almost three years later, Faye again owns swim4peace.com. laugh


I have a like-minded compatriot in Daniel Slosberg.
He has created the websites below to help expose DN:

Diana Nyad Fact Check

Diana Nyad Fact Check Annex


So, in addition to restoring the honor of Walter and Faye Poenisch, I have reposted this website in support of Daniel's efforts to uncover Diana Nyad's lies.

Niek Kloots



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